A Unique Baseball Book For Fans of All Ages!

Baseball Franchise Rankings is a baseball reference book that compares the historical success of the 30 current franchises.  It is different than any other baseball reference book.

If you like baseball power rankings, this book is for you!  It contains the ultimate power rankings system.  This book uses a weighted value scoring system based on regular and postseason accomplishments to rank the 30 franchises in order of historical greatness.

The reader can see where their favorite team ranks, and how many points it needs to earn to pass the next highest franchise on the list.

The book also has unique individual season summaries that explain the reasons for certain franchises’ success or failure. The summaries describe why a team was not able to accomplish an achievement, like winning a division or league title, advancing in the postseason, or winning the World Series.  The summaries explain why certain franchises have not been as successful as others, which explains why their score and rank are not as high as others.

Baseball Franchise Rankings is the ultimate conversation starter.  It also contains other unique statistical compilations and facts, and 60 pages of reference tables which compare various franchise accomplishments throughout baseball history.

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